Been There, Read That//February 2017



Been There, Read That is a monthly reading wrap up featuring everything I read last month.

February was a busy, short month, but I managed to read 9 books. It’s starting to get warmer here so I did a lot of reading on my lunch break in the park. I always read during my bus ride to and from work. I also stayed up pretty late reading several nights when I was making my way through book club picks.

What I Read:

6 YA Fiction Books

2 Comics/Graphic collections

1 Nonfiction book

Of the 6 YA books, I read 4 Advance Reader Copies that were on my TBR. Piper Perish and You’re Welcome, Universe ended up being good readalikes for each other. Both books were about teen artists, though they had very different plots. Done Dirt Cheap was my favorite book cover of the month.

My library Teen Book Club read Legend this month. This was the first book the teens selected that I hadn’t read before. My Lady Jane was the book club selection for the Forever Young Adult book club. I really enjoyed both books that I read for book clubs this month and it was a great way to read some backlist titles.

I usually try to read several comics and graphic novels throughout the month but I didn’t have much extra time this month. I really enjoyed Chain Mail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers and read comics from the collection throughout the month.


Scrappy Little Nobody was my fun, bedtime e-book for the second half of the month. I like to read a chapter of an e-book before I go to sleep and this was a perfect way to end the day.

My favorite read of the month was Piper Perish by Kayla Cagan (releasing on March 7, pre-order here .) What was your favorite book of the month?




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