Booktalk: Legend by Marie Lu

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I’ve been booktalking Legend since I started my job as a Teen Services Librarian and I really enjoyed reading it last month with my Teen Book Club. I told them about it several months ago and we added it to our book club TBR list and finally read it last month. Several book club members put Prodigy (Legend Book #2) on hold and couldn’t wait to continue the series. I’ll be keeping this one in my regular booktalk rotation because it feels the need for a Hunger Games/Divergent readalike and it’s written by an Asian American author and features an Asian American character.

feb8Genre: Dystopian, YA

Readalikes: for fans of Divergent and Under the Never Sky

The United States as you know it is gone. June and Day are on different sides of a shattered and rebuilt United States. June got a perfect score on the trials that all citizens have to take and Day failed. June is from an elite family and she’s destined to be a top military leader. Day, a poor boy with a family suffering from the plague, is now the Republic’s most wanted criminal after escaping his labor camp assignment. Their lives intersect when June’s brother is murdered and Day is blamed. June is assigned to hunt down Day, avenge her brother’s death, and finally capture the nation’s top criminal. Their paths cross but June begins to realize that Day isn’t what he seems. Will she be able to carry out her duty to kill him? 

Legend is book one in the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu. You can order it here and check out Marie Lu’s other books here.



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