Library Program// Peeps Diorama Contest

After admiring the Washington Post Peeps Contest for a while, my colleague and I decided to give a Peeps Diorama Contest at the library a try. Neither of us had ever      attempted a diorama before and we figured a lot of other people lacked experience in this department so we planned a Peeps diorama workshop before submissions for the contest were due. We had a 3 week window for people to drop off submissions and hosted the workshop during the first week.

5 Reading with my Peeps
Peepville Public Library entry created at the diorama workshop

Here’s information about our workshop:

  • Activity
    • Creating Peeps Dioramas using Peeps marshmallows, empty boxes and shoeboxes, art supplies, and creativity!
  • Supplies
    • Shoeboxes
    • art supplies such as tissue paper, glue, scissors, pipe cleaners, shredded filler in multiple colors, cotton balls, felt, sharpies, scraps of fabric, and magazines
    • Peeps
  • Ages
    • All ages. We also allowed groups to submit entries into the contest so families/groups of teens/combinations of ages could work together.
  • Program time
    • 1.5 hours, drop in any time during the event to work on your workshop
    • Participants could drop off completed submissions after the workshop if they didn’t finish

We found that the hardest part of making the dioramas was just getting started. We printed pictures of Peeps dioramas from the Washington Post and Pinterest to help spark ideas. We also made an example diorama for patrons to look at. The quickest way to get started was by starting with the background of the diorama.

  • Tips
    • Start with the background. Wrap the shoebox in tissue paper or wrapping paper to create a blue sky, snowy scene, or night sky.
    • Open up the Peeps several days before the you want to use them, the peeps are easier to use when they’ve dried out.
    • Coloring on Peeps, even with sharpies doesn’t work that well. Making clothes out of paper, fabric, felt, or magazine cut outs worked the best.
    • Don’t underestimate the power of pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks to create Peeps structures.
    • Make sure you hold the contest when Peeps are available. We planned ours around Easter (though it was not connected to Easter at all) since that was when the market was saturated with the most Peeps.

We ended up with so many Peep-tacular entries and we will definitely repeat this again next year. We’re holding voting for the Peeple’s Choice Award now. Check out some of our entries here, I can’t wait to count the votes and announce the winner!

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