Library Program//Paper Plate Pictionary

I’m always looking for fun ideas to do before and after my Teen Advisory Board meetings. I like to start with something fun before we move on to our planning portion of the meeting. This month we played Paper Plate Pictionary and lots of enthusiastic shouting and laughing ensued.
unnamed (4)Paper Plate Pictionary is exactly what it sounds like–playing Pictionary on a paper plate. But, you have to draw the picture while the plate is on top of your head! Players choose a secret topic and then have 30 seconds to draw their topic while the plate is on the very top of their head. This starts getting difficult when you realize you can’t remember where you marker left off and suddenly your drawing is jumbled. We decided to play as a big group and had so much fun trying to guess the toddler-like drawings. I created the list of topics and still had trouble figuring out what some of the drawings were.

  • Supplies:
    • paper plates, the ones with the papery finish work better since they’re easier to draw on
    • markers
    • list of topics (download the list I created here)
    • timer
  • Ages:
    • We played with a mix of middle and high schoolers, but this game would work for all ages

We drew for 30 seconds and guessed for as long as it took for us to get the right answer. The most fun part of the game was hearing all the different guesses and finally getting it right. After we guessed, we wrote the topic on the plate. The teens played again after the meeting and laughed at the previous ones people drew. We will definitely play this again soon.


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