Book Review//Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

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Summer really bums me out. I don’t like hot weather or buildings without AC, and there’s just too much sunshine. So the cold, dark winter of Little Monsters was exactly what I needed for escaping the summer heat. The eerie, snowy town of Broken Falls was a perfect setting for this creepy story.

This book explores one of my favorite topics in YA–toxic friendships. Teenage girls are strong, complex, and capable of anything. Little Monsters examines the way that teenage girls can use their power to manipulate and destroy each other. Kacey is the new girl in town and she’s immediately accepted into a friend group but the friendship begins to sour. I loved slowly uncovering the truth about the friendship. It can be dangerous to be the new girl in town when you don’t know the buried history of your friends.

I would’ve been invested in the book if it solely focused on the disappearance of Kacey’s best friend, but there was also some family dynamics and secrets thrown in the mix that kept me reading. Kacey has recently left a rough living situation with her mother to move in with her father and his family. She has to adjust to having an instant family with a past of their own and figure out where she can fit in.

Kacey is the new girl in her family, school, and town. She questions herself and questions what she knows to be true in the novel. I particularly loved this element of the book because I wasn’t sure if she was going to be a reliable narrator or not. As a reader, I was never sure who to trust and that kept me turning the pages late at night.

This thriller has a gloriously chilling setting, a multitude of secrets, and an ending that I did not see coming. It had a supernatural element and a few scares that will keep you on edge. Read this one now. Don’t let anyone spoil the ending for you.

Feeling brave? Check out this short story prequel on Underlined to Little Monsters to get really creeped out before you read

Add Little Monsters to your Goodreads shelf and follow Kara Thomas on Twitter. Little Monsters is out today!


I received an ARC of this title through the First In Line Readers program that my library is part of.



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