Book Drop// Books on My Desk

One of the best things about working in the library is that there’s always books around. A LOT of books. And a lot of those books find their way to my desk. Here’s all the books I have on my desk right now:

Gathered up all the non-professional development related books and realized I still have more room on my desk for books. I had 2 current reads on my desk. All’s Faire in Middle School is an upcoming middle grade graphic novel. I loved Victoria Jamieson’s Roller Girl and this one is perfectly captures how awkward 6th grade can be. I also just started reading Romancing the Throne by Nadine Jolie Courtney. The Royal We is one of my favorite girl meets Prince books (go read it now if you haven’t already!) and this one sounds like a good readalike.

Here’s some of my recent book mail. I got Chelsea Sedoti’s book in the mail yesterday and it has such a pretty cover. As You Wish is about a small town in the Mojave Desert where everyone gets a single wish granted when they turn 18. It’s a 2018 release and I’ve added it to my list. Snapstreak and The Girl Who Drew Butterflies were also from recent book mail from HMK Kids. These are both February 2018 middle grade releases.

I checked out We Are the Ants a few days ago after a rave review from my co-librarian. I tend to read a lot of ARCs for reviewing and buying purposes and don’t read as many library books. But I’m going to make time for this one soon. I don’t even remember where this hardcover copy of Outrun the Moon came from but I’ve had it on my TBR for a long time. I’m thinking about using it for one of my teen book clubs so hopefully I’ll get around to reading it this year. I’m going to read The First Rule of Punk next so I have to keep it on my desk in case I finish my other book. It looks like such a cool book! Do you guys always have a back up book?

I also recently got a package from Kara Thomas after winning a giveaway for her street team for Little Monsters. I really loved Little Monsters (you can read my full review here) so I was excited to win a signed copy! I also got a paperback copy of The Darkest Corners. I’m looking forward to reading that one after Little Monsters blew me away.

What are some books you’ve had sitting on your desk for a long time?


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