Library Program//Banned Books Week


Banned Books Week is coming! Need a passive program or something for your Teen Advisory Board to work on? Make display props for an eye-catching Banned Books Week Display. This program could be set up as a passive activity for patrons to do whenever they’re in the library or used as an event before or during Banned Books Week.


  • paper bags20170913_145538
  • cardstock
  • popsicle sticks
  • markers
  • glue/tape
  • images of Banned Books Week logos (if you want to decorate bags with cut outs)

Paper bags: Create an interactive Banned Books Week display using paper bags. Decorate paper bags with the opening of the bag at the bottom. People can lift up the bag to see the banned book inside. You can list reasons why a book was banned, provide information about Banned Books Week, or decorate with caution tape and messages to beware. You could easily use the paper bags to turn the display into a guessing game with hints about the books. The TAB members wrote some cheeky messages on our bags about peeking at the books beneath.


Protest signs: These books are sick of being banned and they’re going to stand up for themselves! Cut cardstock into your desired size, I cut a standard size of paper into eighths. Let participants brainstorm book slogans and protest signs. Decorate the cardstock and attach a popsicle stick in the back. The protest signs are perfect for books that won’t fit in the paper bags.

Display examples of books that have been banned to provide inspiration. I also talked with the TAB members about specific books and why libraries participate in Banned Books Week. It was a great chance to provide some background on the event and bring awareness to censorship issues.

Banned Books Week 2017 is September 24 – 30


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